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2009-10-14 03:52 pm
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Writing & Apathy

I'm quite ashamed that I'm not using this thing more.

I know only a couple of people on here - which I guess is the reason. Meh, that and apathy.

I used to find it really easy to sit back and write, I had so much to draw on! The themes of love, lust, betrayal, fear, loss, hope, injustice, survival, blind faith, blind rationality, drugs, sexual 'deviency', experimentation, addiction, freedom and captivity... There is so much, but can I get it out? No. Can I think of a plot that ties it all together, no.

I keep thinking that writing a comming of age story of a girl struggling with her identity may help me work through some personal issues, but is it the story I want to write? Is it interesting? Is it something anyone would read? Is the fact that it may well go unread enough of a reason *not* to write... Humm. All stories are a journey, I think I need to work out whose story I want to tell, and where I want to send them. The ending will find itself - the start will not.